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Acne Specialist

Douglas Altchek, MD -  - Dermatologist

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Douglas Altchek, MD

Dermatologist located in Upper East Side, New York, NY

Acne affects more than 40 million people, causing not just physical symptoms, but emotional symptoms as well. Dr. Altchek uses the most advanced forms of acne therapy to help patients on Manhattan's Upper East Side reduce or eliminate their acne so they can feel more confident about the way they look.


What causes acne?

Acne is caused by a buildup of bacteria in the follicles. When follicles become blocked, the oily secretions can't escape to the surface of the skin. Instead, they provide an environment that stimulates the growth of acne-causing bacteria. The immune system responds to the bacterial buildup by sending out white blood cells and other bacteria-fighting agents, causing inflammation and redness that causes pimples and other acne symptoms to occur. In addition to the physical symptoms of active acne, untreated acne can cause scarring and acne can also be associated with significant emotional distress, including depression in some patients.

How can acne be treated?

There are many different types of acne treatments available today, and not all patients will respond the same way to different treatments. Dr. Altchek will perform a careful evaluation to determine which types of treatments might be best for your needs based on the type of acne you have, your skin type and other factors. Some of the most popular approaches include topical and oral medications and surgery when needed. Most treatments take a few weeks of consistent use before real results become visible.

What if I have scars?

Today's methods help reduce the appearance of acne scars so you can feel more confident about your appearance. Some of the techniques used to treat acne scarring include chemical peels, microdermabrasion and use of cosmetic fillers. Dr. Altchek can discuss all your options during your evaluation.

What if I have acne on other parts of my body besides my face?

Today's acne treatment methods can be used for acne that occurs on many areas of the body, including the back, chest, neck and other areas. Dr. Altchek will be able to determine the best type of treatment based on your office evaluation.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

Dr. Altchek accepts most major insurance providers.

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